Adobe Express MOD APK

Adobe Express MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) v7.9.0

Adobe Express is an innovative graphic design application of Adobe System. It is considered a mix of two famous design software Photoshop and Illustrator with powerful, professional features. This application allows you to design advertising posters, banners, newspaper covers, quotes for propaganda, event invitation cards, photo album covers, announcement posters, banners or blueprints used in business and many other types of visual designs.

Easy to use

Initially, when you start Adobe Express, users will need to type in any text (be it an inspirational quote or title for the article). Immediately after that, the application will automatically display the layout types according to popular social networking sites for users to choose accordingly.

The selected text is displayed in the colorful interface and eye-catching images automatically generated by AI. Of course, each time you create will produce different image. Thanks to that, you will have many inspiring and unique ideas.

Turn text into a great design

Adobe Express has many powerful and professional features, serving the work of users. With Magic Text, it will help the text stand out. Change the size, apply beautiful fonts and just click “Apply” on the screen, a miracle will happen.

Use text effects to create a drop shadow, cut-out, sketch… Also, if you are not satisfied with your project, use a combination of effects to increase creativity.

Filters are not constrained in any way. Explore and choose colors in the palette to suit your design style, resize and rotate photos with sliders. Select the shapes and fonts in Style, change the line spacing and alignment, and add even more crosswords. Adobe Express has a fairly detailed text editor.

Save your project

Users can save time and increase productivity when using Adobe Express. The application has reduced the cumbersome details to optimize the interface and streamline the work. With just a touch, you can change the overall color of the project, based on filters or the ability to automatically adjust based on the scene.

This brings a new and exciting feeling. In addition, the application can also automatically change the size of the design to fit each social network you want to share.

With mobile and web sync, users won’t have to worry about unintended problems and easily find deleted drafts again. Projects that are unfinished or completed are automatically synchronized on both the app and the phone so that users can continue to design when inspired.

Background and filter

The text and photos will become more beautiful and interesting if added appropriate background and eye-catching. To meet this need, Adobe Express allows users to unleash their creativity with unique backdrops and at the same time provide a huge, diverse and categorized collection of backgrounds into themes.

This convenience makes it possible for users to create or take advantage of existing professional designs, or to combine both. Users can access more than 1 million high-quality images for free directly in the application. They are easy to use, designed for everyone. Even users with no design experience can still create great photos.

After you have designed and satisfied with your project, users just need to press save to save and share with the Share button at the top of the screen. Users can share to everyone, anywhere via social networks, email, or sync them to a cloud service.

And to attract the attention of others with its great design, Adobe Express automatically displays a number of items (business, education, entertainment…) for users to choose and attach with the same name and the corresponding profile picture. This helps people find your work more easily and on the right subject.

With the Inspiration Gallery, users can see the works of all Adobe Express communities. Like a miniature social network, users can post their photo, interact, and keep track of how many views and views their photo have.

MOD APK version of Adobe Express

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked: Premium tools, features, images and fonts have been unlocked.

Download Adobe Express MOD APK for Android

Adobe Express is a great, fast and easy application for creating a great designed photo for important occasions. Does not require high design skills, just a little creativity and time, you can manually create many beautiful professional designs.

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