Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK v1.0.34 (Unlimited Money/Aimbots)

Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk is one of the most played games on the planet. It is a series that is one of the primary reasons for the game’s popularity.

Therefore, the players start looking forward to the upcoming season as soon as they get their hands on a new one. Besides, Call of Duty lets you experience the affairs of warfare firsthand. You work as a team as in a war and get down the enemy with the strength of your chemistry and teamwork.

The game has incredible graphics with ever-improving color quality, and character designing intrigues the gamers more with every season. Besides, the realistic sound effects with unique gunfire and walkie-talkie sounds attract players and never let them go. So, download the game and count yourself in with the soldiers.

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK

NameCall of Duty Mobile Mod Apk
DevelopersActivision Publishing Inc.
Android Requirement4.3 or up
Last UpdatedFeb 6, 2023

Call of Duty Mobile Download

For safe download and installation without any type of interruption and lagging in your phone, you need to follow the following steps carefully else you will ruin it.

First things first, if you already have the original version of the game on your phone you should delete it right now as downing the Mod Apk version of the game will cause a bit of hindrance which is not good at all.

  • Make sure that you are done with the first step then move forward.
  • Secondly, turn on the Unknown Sources in your setting to prevent any interruption in installation.
  • Thirdly, swipe up and bit and look for the download button, and hit on it to get the file on your device.
  • Fourthly, install the modified version of Call of Duty Mobile on your phone and you are good to play the game in an easier and enjoyable way.

Storyline of Call of Duty Mod

The world is at war, and you are hired to fight for your country; the battle is between Stalingrad and Germany. Your job is to defend the former country, and you are provided with the most deadly weapons ever forged. The story keeps changing with the seasons of Call of Duty, which adds to the love for the game.

The change of story a bit over the upcoming seasons is one of the factors that make Call of Duty a worth playing video game. Apart from the plot, the development of the characters plays an important part in engaging the players that they feel more connected to the battlefield than any other game.

As for the gameplay, the game has exciting modes, so you may not get bored by playing in the same area. Like the zombie mode lets you fight against zombies. There are lots of other things that never allow you to put the gun down. However, you must have an exciting connection or data on your phone to enjoy the game.

Call of Duty Mobile Apk Gameplay

As is a battle game and you are continuously at war either with the opponent army or the army of zombies, you might have guessed the other details by yourself. You are right, there are a lot of weapons at your disposal that you can make the most of and win the war.

The more you play and win, the more cash you get to buy an extraordinary set of weapons that are unique to Call of Duty and one of its prominent features. Moreover, there are a lot of things to explore in the store that will fascinate you equally.

Though the gameplay sounds hard, you can adjust it according to your level and this is what this article is about. If you are bad at shooting, out of cash, don’t have enough weapons, or anything else you can easily switch to the Mod version and take it easy. The details are shared below, keep reading. Or, you can kill your curiosity about the game by browsing more.

Features of Call of Duty Mobile

The features below will tell you about the original version of the game that you get from the Google Play store. Once you absorb the original features we will head on to the features of the Mod version which make it convenient for you to understand why you would prefer Call of Duty Mobile Mod over mere Call of Duty Mobile.

Modes of Call of Duty

The primary thing that the game owes its fame to, is the variety of modes it has. The improving modes overtimes with the addicting strategy. Moreover, these modes never let you forget the essence of the play that you are at World War 2. The following modes will give you a glimpse that how many ways are there to let you enjoy the game in your own way.

Call of Duty Mobile Zombie

It is one of the most played and enjoyed modes of the game so far. No doubt, the reason behind this is the addition of new weapons that give the game a novel spirit. We all know that the deads are hard to beat with ordinary weapons so you need to be up to date in order to deal with them. So, when they come in full swing to you, keep your arms loaded and ready to send the deads to where they belong: the grave.

Search and Destroy

It is another of the famous modes that pull a huge number of fans toward the game. The secret to the success of this mode is that there is no respawning, just team up, defend, and destroy anything that comes as an obstacle.

Champion Hill

Here is one more of the long list of the game modes where there are eight squads of twos and threes in a round-robin team deathmatch with four maps. The team that lasts the longest in the game wins. In other words, your job is to hold up till the end until everyone is wiped out except for you.

Call of Duty Mobile Characters

Characters are one of the factors that make a game interesting to play and Activision Publishing Inc. knows how to win engross the interest of the players through the characters. As the new seasons of the game come, the addition of fictional characters keeps the fans awaiting. In this regard, some of the most loved roles in the game are

  • Price
  • Soap MacTavish
  • Alex Mason
  • Vladimir Makarov
  • Ronald “Red” Daniel

and the list goes on. However, the new characters surpass the others in realistic graphics therefore they are the most loved ones.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Third and last but not least in our compact list of the outstanding features of the game, is the graphic design of the game. To put it clearly, the graphics are too good to resist the temptation of playing.

The rich colors, truly realistic landscapes, and other objects in the game make you crazy for the game in no time. Moreover, how the graphics improve over the seasons, has their own value in making them crazier.

After the graphics, the sound effects are just phenomenal, as it is a war game and if the quality of bombs, shots, and blasts is not captivating enough there is no point in playing it in the first place. So, Call of Duty Mobile has got amazingly crisp sound effects to make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible.

Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK

Now, it is time to come to the modified version of the game because if the game is not enjoyable at your level of capacity there is no point in playing to start with. Let’s take a look at the mod features that make the gameplay both fun and easy. Moreover, as you read you would find similar features to other games.

Online Mode

The first thing that is cool about the mod feature is that it allows you to socialize more. In other words, rather than playing all alone, you can call over your friends to play with you as a team which spices up the gameplay exponentially and you owe this to the online mode features.


The second feature is the most reliving one for me. To put it differently, it gets very irritating for me to reload all the time especially when the enemy is at your head. In such situations, the auto-reloading feature comes quite handy as you don’t get stressed over unnecessary reloading over and over.

Unlimited Money

The third feature to make the battle calls fun for you is having unlimited money. When you know that you would always have enough money to buy the stuff you need, you tend to enjoy the game stressed free. So keep your pockets filled with cash and buy as much as you can.

Unlimited Aimbot

The fourth and one of the most important features that insures your victory is the aimbot mod feature. To be more descriptive, this allows you to kill the enemy in one shot and makes sure that you aim right rather than shooting aimlessly. By decreasing the fruitless attempts and taking one clear shot instead make a real difference to your gameplay.

More Games Like Call of Duty

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Playing a game like Call of Duty Mobile is challenging and tests your action as well as strategy skills to some extent. However, the only purpose to play a game is to enjoy it and the mod version gives you a helping hand in making your favorite games fun for you. So, hit the download button without thinking twice and enjoy the game with modified features. But, don’t forget to let us know about your experience in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Call of Duty Mobile suitable for kids?

No, the game is not made for kids as it involves violence which affects the mental growth of kids.

How to get Call of Duty Mobile APK for Windows?

You can download the desktop version of the game with the directions given in the download section.

Can you change the weapons in Call of Duty Mod APK during battle?

Yes, you can change the weapons easily with the section given at the bottom of the screen next to the controls.

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