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Meeting destiny in the midst of despair!

Bringing you into the fanciful world of Love

In the world of mobile games, there is a genre that is quite attractive, easy to play and ideal for those who love dating novels: Otome. This is not an ordinary video game but a visual novel with highly interactive game. Together with images, sounds, voiceovers and a variety of options, Dangerous Shelter will help you embody and live the life of your character.

For those who are looking for an Otome game to relax these days, let me suggest Dangerous Shelter, a good Otome game I’ve just tried this morning.

Love within Zombie World

Like other Otome games, the plot in Dangerous Shelter is quite complicated as a novel with lots of details so you can comfortably explore every corner. The game opens with the context of 10 years after a deadly research project was broken. The world is engulfed in a dangerous virus and destroyed by zombies. You, one of the rare survivors of the pandemic, have tried your best to survive and found a place called Shelter. Shelter is the only place where you and a few others can live safely in the middle of this dangerous planet.

A terrible situation occurs, and you have only 180 days left to survive. In those 180 extremely stressful days, love and different new emotions of yours will rush in with some guys at the same time. Each person has a look, a personality, a story, and a unique way of treating you. Will you choose to lean towards Love or keep your mind steady to race against time?

There will be four shimmering male protagonists appearing in your life one after another. The first guy is Damon, a mysterious boy that is quite aggressive in appearance but warm in heart. Next, Matthew is the wise, gentle, romantic scholar containing many thoughts. The third man, Antonie, is super romantic with long hair, artist, and soul with many hidden corners. And the final is Ben, the young, cheerful, warm, and always enthusiastic guy. They will accompany you on every dangerous journey. But in the end your heart is only inclined to one person. Who could it be? Is he worthy?

In the process of following the story, in important situations, the game will give suggestions for players to choose. The end of the story is the total of these choices. So, think carefully, follow what your heart and mind tell you to lead a life that best matches your personality. You will understand with your personality and worldview, when you get lost in an analogous situation, how you could you face.

When playing Dangerous Shelter, with different choices, you will bring yourself to different endings. There are a total of twenty endings for the story. Even if you play again, you will never cease to be curious.

Fascinating every second

The game is fast paced and densely interactive. Many fascinating events await in every second that makes you always strain your eyes to follow every word. Your heart can’t help but flutter because the story in Dangerous Shelter has both heroic, romantic moments and heartbreaking failures. Every progression from A to Z and especially the end depends on your choices.

But in that mysterious world, our character still has rare “glorious” moments. Occasionally for special occasions, you can add a little embellishment to the game’s progression by choosing and changing her outfit. She will have super cute dress up stages with thirty-seven mix match outfits, which can bring up mood and excitement.

The interactivity when playing Dangerous Shelter is also reflected in the fact that you can earn money by completing different jobs at the shelter. Through that, you can also open the stories hidden behind, revealing a valuable information for the next steps. This game is also a place for you to really understand your survival instinct when you must constantly train and fill yourself to the highest level to survive in the dangerous zombie land.

MOD APK version of Dangerous Shelter

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can spend even if you don’t have enough money.

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Dangerous Shelter is an Otome game with depth, interaction with a high frequency. The plot is delicate, combining both deadly dramatic elements and romantic love. The ending is full of charm and has some surprising twists. Try it out now!

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