Gangstar Rio City of Saints Mod Apk

Gangstar Rio City of Saints Mod Apk v1.2.2b (Unlimited All) 2023

Are you searching for some gangster-type game? If yes, then Gangstar Rio City of Saints Mod Apk is made for you. This game has been launched

Are you searching for some gangster-type game? If yes, then Gangstar Rio City of Saints Mod Apk is made for you. This game has been launched by Gameloft., It has been designed on the story of a man named Angel. Formerly he was a member of the assassin’s gang.

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But then he met a girl, named Ana and fell in love with her and they both decided to leave that worse lifestyle and live a normal life. They both were leaving that area that day but a bad guy (enemy of Angel) fixed a bomb in their car in which they were traveling.

When it exploded Angel became badly injured Ana died. That day Angel lost his partner and became alone. After his health recovery, he decided to return as a gangster to find that person who ruined his life, he was going to start happily, and finish him to take revenge.

Now you have to play this game in the character of Angel gangster. You can download the Gangster Rio City of Saints free from the Google Play Store or Google through its “Apk File”.

Features of Gangstar Rio City of Saints Mod Apk:

Gangster Rio’s modded version is a combination of exclusive features which make it more interesting. Following are the features:


Your mission is to target the enemies and greedy politicians and finish them, chase bad street guys, kill, steal, break, destroy, etc. by using different weapons and vehicles. You have to discover many secrets of the Brazilian city Rio De Janeiro.

60 Levels:

You have to complete up to 60 challenging levels and dozens of events and missions in this gameplay.

Treasure and Money:

Whenever you complete any task or mission you get money as a reward by which you can buy different new weapons, vehicles, and outfits to make your game more engaging.

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Gangstar Rio City of Saint’s gangster Rio city is a fighting game that is incomplete without weapons. So, for fighting, it offers instinctive weapons such as sharp-bladed knives, rifles, tank guns, pistols, bombs, all types of guns, racks, and other explosive weapons.


For traveling purposes, you need vehicles. In Gangstar Rio Apk you can collect, buy or steal many different vehicles like armored vehicles, supercars, tanks, scratching vehicles for all types of lands, and helicopters to complete your mission.


This video game offers customization features for your character. You can change his looks according to your likeliness. Unlock a variety of new items e.g., pants, shirts, eyeglasses, jackets hats, and other accessories and outfits to give the character a cooler appearance.

Explore Brazil:

In this gameplay, you perform your missions in the well-known city of Brazil known as Rio de Janeiro. You have a chance to explore the Brazilian city. Here you will see commercial centers, tall buildings, beaches, slums, and jungles.

You will experience exclusive and smooth tracks for your traveling and movement. Some other enjoyable features are the amazing view of the afternoon sun, wonderful scenery, party girls, different places, and much more to explore.

Play with Friends:

You can join your friends, play together and share your experience.

Free to Play:

It’s free to play, no charges are required to download or to play.


It has spectacular graphics that your eyes will witness very colorful and interesting features.


It has realistic sound effects in the background. You will experience shooting, traveling sound, and music.


Gangstar Rio gameplay is similar to GTA Vice City where you can kill, steal, shoot, hide from the police, and enjoy every luxury without any cost.

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