Idle Magic School MOD APK

Idle Magic School MOD APK (Unlimited Magic Stones) v2.4.1

You wanna play as Mr. Dumbledore for once?

They say, “Never give up hope, even if you are deceived in love, true love is always out there”. Do you believe it? As for me, I don’t have a lover, but I’ve always never lost hope and love for the game. You can also download Little Big City 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v9.4.1

Because I believe, each genre has its own good, and if this game is bad, not all games of the same type are bad. And I was right. There are always a few idle games as good as Idle Magic School Mod Apk .


When I read Harry Potter, I often wondered, if I were Dumbledore, how would I manage Hogwarts? With such a large and sublime magic school with so many witches and wizards, how could I put everything in order? So, I decided to try this game out to know.

Idle Magic School Mod Apk is where you build your magic school. So, from then, everything you do and every decision you make always revolve around this goal.

Too much work to do

In the mysterious magic forest, you start to lay the first bricks for your dream magic school. Build and expand schools by opening intensive classes, expanding infrastructure, upgrading magic courses, unlocking new campuses. In parallel with the above activities, there is also the task of recruiting students, selecting teachers, choosing school administrators, training students, and turning them into different categories of Witches, talented gifts of this magical world.

The most important resource in this game is Gold. The more students you attract to your school, the better your chances of collecting tuition. What you use this money for is entirely up to you. Depending on the stage of development of the school, your strategy will also be different.

For example, in the beginning, in parallel with diversifying the magic class, you should focus on students who are future witches coming from pureblood wizarding families. It doesn’t take too long to explain to them because most of these boys and girls have a background in the wizarding family tradition. Moreover Taps to Riches MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.84

Thereby, the school’s reputation will also quickly improve, and gradually become a high-class Magic School brand. Through the next stage, you need to further diversify your school’s classes, add a strategy to attract the training of Muggles or Mud-Blood Wizards (who have a Muggle Mom or Dad) to create diversity in the students and at the same time, expand the scale of influence of the school.

When students are quite crowded, you need to think about expanding the Dormitory and finding a dormitory manager. Also, do not forget to attract elite magicians to teach special courses to bring more fame to the school.

MOD APK version of Idle Magic School

MOD feature

Unlimited Magic Stones

The idle mode will save time for your life

But luckily for us, we don’t have to carry all that workload at once. If that was the case, you must only hold your breath and return the game to the developer. Idle Magic School has an Idle feature.

Even when you are offline, the school is still operating normally, generating steady revenue, and building the basics, waiting for you to return to the game. You will feel the excitement of this idle game every time coming back to this game, you will see the campus changes, the abandoned lands are now green, and people are quite busy in and out. Now it’s just your job to keep making important decisions to advance the game progress to the next level.

Upgrade and unlock in the game

At each stage, inside the detail, many different tasks need you to solve. After completing, you will receive gold coins and some other valuable items to unlock new campuses and expand the school scale. For example, buying the whole Water Country, surrounded by turbulent rivers. Students attending special spell classes here will ensure they are never disturbed by the outside.

Gold Coins can also be used to upgrade Magic Trees. Then use Fruits to level up the wizards. There is also an extremely powerful tool (which even Harry Potter does not have): the Converting machine (Converting machine), which has the effect of turning Muggle students into Wizards so they can proceed to learn magic like any other student.

Pros and cons, in my opinion

Pros: the “shop” items set themselves apart, maybe partly because of the game’s general theme, partly because of the design. Pro gameplay: well balanced (as evidenced by every class having a clear function and generating a certain amount of revenue), good and logical progression, proper unlocking. Lots of characters but not diluted. No ads.

Cons: resources, except golds, are not very attractive and do not seem much to do with progress. It takes a bit long time to reach new levels.

Download Idle Magic School MOD APK for Android

In short, it is a must-experience. Because the way things go in this magic school is quite strange and interesting. Believe me! It is completely different from other mobile simulation games. Try it once! Furthermore Dealer’s Life 2 MOD APK () v1.004

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