Mr Autofire Mod Apk

Mr Autofire Mod Apk v2.1.1 (Unlimited Money/One Hit) Free 2023

Mr Autofire Mod Apk showing your special skills of running, dodging, jumping, and shooting with different guns in the Mr. Autofire mod apk.

Step into the action fighting game, and defeat the alliance and their evil plans by showing your special skills of running, dodging, jumping, and shooting with different guns in the Mr. Autofire mod apk. It is the one that comes with one hit and no ads mod feature.

Enjoying a game with lots of exciting shooting adventures is now possible by playing the Mr. auto fire. It is a popular action game that has millions of players. It is because of its exciting task and a massive variety of types of equipment.

The game player’s task is to destroy the alliance that wants to control earth. A player is trying to beat them with different abilities warriors. Moreover, you have different guns, hiding ways, and other items that successfully support killing monsters.

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About the Mr Autofire Mod Apk

This is the noted shooting game where you start to fight against deadly monsters to save the earth from their evil plans. The fighting style includes running, jumping, dodging, and killing alliances with many kinds of guns and lighting relaxes.

The game includes an exciting story, stunning graphics, and super control mechanism system. The player’s goal is to secure the world from the attack of monsters. So for completing tasks, you have a wide variety of exclusive weapons.

In the game, your opponents attack in different actions, so they are alert to each style. Moreover, in case of difficulty, players can hide in the special spaceship and then fight in suitable conditions. It is because your opponents also get more robust on moving to higher levels.

Overall, the game player’s role is to kill enemies by upgrading weapons, using skills, and actively controlling warriors.


Step into the thrilling gameplay where you fight in different styles while using powerful weapons and other tricks by downloading the Mr auto fire apk. It is the noted action category game that lets you into the world of leisure with exclusive style shoots.

In the gameplay, player-run dodge, jump and shoot the monsters to save the world. The game’s control is in the player’s hand and can use different techniques to defeat the enemies. Moreover, you can control all warriors only by a single control button.

Furthermore, a game seems more straightforward in the starting levels, but it gets more complicated as you move to higher levels. So to handle it game added a bunch of weapons and a considerable number of warriors.


Huge variety of weapons

The game consists of different stages, and you get more challenging levels on getting higher levels. Therefore, developers added various weapons that support competing against monsters.

Engaging gameplay

The game is based on exciting content; therefore, a player the engaging gameplay. It means your interest levels in a shooting get higher as it kills more monsters. So engaging gameplay elements support killing your boring time.

Various skills

The surprising advantage of the game is the addition of various skills that help move faster in the game.

Wrapping up!

Mr. Auto fire mod apk is a renowned app that provides you experience shooting with the latest guns and unique skills in the presence of a one-hit mod element. You can install this game on your android devices in a simple way. The game player’s motive is to kill a monster who ‘wanted to invade the earth. We hope you like the game.

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