Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk v2.22.5 (Unlimited Money) Free 2023

For incredible ninja training and powerful titan face-off, switch to Shadow Fight 2 mod apk where you fight silhouetted at breathtaking sites.

Shadow fight 2 Mod Apk mod is android fighting gaming app having size of 142.1 Mb and latest version is v2.22.5 and is one of the most famous games that we have in fighting or action category. This game is a next part or level of the series of the shadow fight with updated version and techniques.

Actually, Shadow Fight 2 Mod is so famous that if you really do not know about it till now then believe me you are really living under rocks. And when we talk about this game, we firstly come to the point that it’s enough to heard that it is developed by famous developer Nekki.

Now let’s discuss about the game. This game is as you know by its game is a fighting game. And in this game, you will be provided with different weapons either small or large and lighter or heavier depending upon the level and also according to your enemy.

These weapons may be some knife, scissor or plunge to some heavier ones. In a simple or original version of the game, you have to face some problems, casualties, and difficulties as you only use these weapons only when you buy them. And to buy the weapons, you have to spend some gold or coins.

These coins you must achieve during the levels of Shadow Fight 2 APK while playing. And also remember that it is not so easy to achieve those coins. So, it is really difficult. But do not worry about it. in this MOD version of the game, we will not be facing you from such difficulties.

As I have mentioned that in MOD version, we will provide easiness for you. I basically mean to say that it will not problem for you to get coins during game and ultimately, you will be able to buy those weapons and complete your levels of game by defeating your enemies easily. You can look the game on other platforms as well.

Shadow Fight 2 Update

NameShadow Fight 2 MOD
DevelopersNekki-Action and Fighting Games
Android Requirement4.4 or up
Last Updatedjan, 24, 2023

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

  • When we are going to discuss about the downloading of shadow fight 2 apk, then it is understood that it is modified version of the game.
  • And also available on google play store.
  • So, I hope you will face not any single difficulty while downloading it.
  • You know what, downloading link is given here.
  • Just tap on download button and it will start downloading.
  • When downloading process becomes completed, tap to open it and then play the game.

How to Install Shadow Fight 2

  • First of all, download the game either from this site or from play store.
  • Then go to your storage folder.
  • Tap to open it up.
  • It will start installation process.
  • Then wait for completing the installation.
  • After that, tap on it.
  • Open it.
  • Play it and start enjoying by defeating your enemies .

Shadow Fight 2 Guide

After marvelous success of Shadow Fight first part the developed thought of giving it a second try in the form of Shadow Fight 2 which is a way better and exciting edition. Even though it lacks vibrant color and contrasts, however, it has amazing interface and gameplay to keep the players entertained. If you are done downloading the game, let’s see how to go through it.

Once your enter the game you shall see practice area with the silhouette of the ninja or the warrior in front of you with his knifes drawn and ready to fight. Moreover, he has a punching bag like bag dangling to practice with. You can learn how to master the controls from this screen by moving the ninja about and kicking or punching the objects.

With that settled you would see a top bar where you have information about the starts, experience, coins and diamonds that you earn along the way. On the left hand you have the menu which hold a world of treasures for you to explore and make the most out of. The menu in discussed in the features section in detail.

If you think that you have trained yourself enough, you are ready to click on menu, then map and select tournament to step into the arena where real fights await you. Here is one of Shadow Fight 2 tips from our side: master the skills well before fighting if you don’t want to end up bruised and have cuts all-over. You might also enjoy Rope Hero: Vice Town mod apk.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod

Below are discussed about the features of the game in detail which will surly make the game easier for you to understand if you go through them before clicking on the icon of the app that you just download or going to down.

The thing that you need to learn fist about Shadow Fight 2 Mod menu. As it is swamped with features we will discuss the parts one by one.

Shadow Fight 2 Moves

On number fourth in the menu list we have profile of the ninja that is going to fight from our side. In the profile you have options that let you know about things that you need to focus first on. And these things are


The first option at the bottom gives you a level-like icon which shows growth from low to high. The purpose of this section is that you learn skills like how to execute them in practice and apply in fights. Besides, the interesting thing is that you gradually learn new skills as you advance in levels. This gives a realistic learning strategy of a ninja.


The second option next to learn section show the ninja in action. This section lets you know about the skills that you will learn step by step with the proper guidance of you master, the computer of course. Here you also learn the names of the controls.


In the third and last section you get to claim the medal which are in the form of rewards. If you learn a skills well by accomplishing the task. As you learn to earn, so don’t miss the chance by being a lazy lad.

Shadow Fight 2 Weapons

The third option in the menu list takes you to the weapons where you have different equipment in abundance. You can choose which ever you want to use during fight. But, you should have enough diamonds or coins to afford them.


The first options show you the tools that you can buy to use during fight like metal knuckles to knock out the enemy in one blow. Or you can go for knifes and swords. In short, the whole store is yours to use.


You can buy shimmering armors for protection during fights which are awesome to gives you support and strength at the same time. You can choose from beautiful robes and elegant helmets that will strengthen you as a warrior.

Shadow Fight 2 Map

The map is a whole new word to explore which will spin your head the first you see it. There are tournaments to play and titans to fights that will make you a skilled ninja. However, you have to get beaten a lot of times to become a renowned warrior.

Shadow Fight 2 Titans

The titans is one of the most exciting things about the game, as these are the titans that will take you to the level of play where you want to go. The titans include Conclusion .


You can get Shadow Fight 2 Modded from this page without any hassles of safety and privacy issue. In the original game you get many interesting features but as soon as you run out of reward you feel like deleting the game.

However, the modified version grants you with unlimited everything to enjoy the game till the end. So, have fun playing and do let us know if the mod version and the article helped you anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition?

It is a slightly different version of the original one which give the player new modes, 12 new challenges, cheaper items in store and more.

What’s new in Shadow Fight 2 latest version? 

Bugs are fixed.You can get unlimited money.Volcano rule weakened.Defense system and ability is improved.Optimization is available.

How to beat titans in Shadow Fight 2?

First you have to learn a lot of moves secondly you would need some sharper blades in order to defeat the titans.

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