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Slither IO Apk v1.6 (Ad-Free, Unlimited Life) Free 2023

Slither io apk mode for the phone is a very good way to pass the free and boring time. If you want relaxation and competition both

Slither io apk mode for the phone is a very good way to pass the free and boring time. If you want relaxation and competition both in one then Slither io Mod Apk is perfect for you, because it is a colorful game you can forget your stress and frustrations with. In it, there is a snake and you have to collect palettes and make the scores.

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Collecting the palettes will increase the length of your snake. You have to prevent the bang into your snake and bange the heads of the snakes with each other, by doing so, your snake will become unsteady and you will not be able to win the game.

You can get this game from Google Play Store easily or you can also download it from Google. For downloading it from Google the procedure is a little bit different, in it, first of all, you need to download its “Apk File” from Google and then install the game from that file. Now your game is ready to play.

Features of Slither io Mod Apk:

Slither mods include many interesting and new features which attract its players. The features are:

Invisible Skin:

There are many skin colors of snakes in slither io skins mods. You can choose among 44 skins for your snake. Now Slither io app unlocks a new type of skin known as invisible skin. By choosing this skin your snake will become invisible to other snakes.

No other snake can see you. This feature makes your job easier. You can eat other snakes without becoming in front of any snake’s eyes, and keep on doing your job without worries.

Easy to Play:

Slither io cheat is very easy to play. There is no need to take training first. This app is straightforward to play.

Relaxing and Competitive:

It does not put much stress on your brain to win or fear of defeat, but still, it creates a competitive atmosphere. You compete and enjoy.

Auto Play Bots:

If you want to go away from the game for some time then you can use the auto play bots feature. In which you can turn on the auto play and the snake keep on moving safely. And you can turn off this mode after coming back to the game.

Display Options:

Slither io mods give you the choice to adjust your screen to the full or to minimize. You can zoom in or zoom out or whatever you want.

Play Online:

Test your gaming skills by playing against other players. You can play this game online and compete with international players. Connect with other people all around the world.

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Current Location:

You can turn on the current location so that people may join you online.

Speed Bursts:

Many speed bursts make your game more competitive and give you an advantage.


You can customize the whole game color, background, and much more.

Ads Free:

Now you will not see ads in the modded version of slithers io modded apk. It’s free of ads.


In conclusion, this game is very light and quite easy to play. You can spend your time effectively with it. So, try it at least once.

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