Trekarta MOD APK

Trekarta MOD APK v2022.05

Trekarta APK is an application that supports hiking or trail trekking trips. More than just an offline map, Trekarta has many other utilities that deserve to be a useful companion.The application supports long-distance trekking trips, can be used offline with many practical utilities.

What is Trekarta?

Trekarta is designed for hiking, mountain climbing, trail exploration and off-road excursions. That means, you can use it not only as a companion app when walking but also a friend for any outdoor exploration: cycling, boating, camping…

A special feature of Trekarta is that you can use maps without an Internet connection. Trekarta is also known as a concise itinerary of exploration. Import locations and routes from GPX and KML data formats or create locations in the app, and share with friends. The whole group will have together a concise, easy-to-understand travel schedule, with detailed steps in hand.

During your exploration, you can also exert Trekarta to record your travels, mark important milestones, and do many other useful tasks to make sure you never lose your way. Later if you want to go this route again, there are also better databases.

Offline explore maps

When moving or doing outdoor activities, it is mostly impossible to find Wifi waves or access the Internet via 3G, 4G on your phone. In that situation, all online applications that need the Internet will become useless.

Trekarta is different. This application uses a vector map based on OpenStreetMap which can be used offline, and is continuously improved by contributors, additions, and collaborations every day. You can view the map anytime, anywhere without needing to be online and with the highest accuracy and update because of the sharing from the user community around the world.

This map contains detailed topological data with elevation contours. Some details on the map can be filtered for better visibility. Also, Trekarta has built-in support for observing hillside terrain, which are very important for trekkers. You can add custom maps in sqlite or mbtiles format to cover the current area. Custom maps will also be shaded.

Hiking Companion

Trekarta is an active companion in Hiking activities. Trekarta’s hiking activity mode specifically emphasizes roads and routes on the map. It’s really helpful for you to find the shortest and safest route.

Through the clearness of the path, Trekarta also visually tells you the difficulty and clarity of the path you are trying to take. From the point of standing, you can also observe how many roads radiate out to major road surfaces. It also displays special OSMC symbols that help you identify the desired route.

Support Cycling activities

When switching to Cycle Assist mode, Trekarta displays cycling routes. Thereby users can easily visualize the difficulty and visibility of the mountain bike path.

Support for Skiing and Skating trips

Ski activity mode displays a neat, easy-to-see winter map for almost all skiing: downhill, hiking, and sightseeing routes along with ski resorts in the area.

Explore the Terrain with Trekarta

Trekarta shows almost fully unpaved roads or dirt roads. Rain, fog, winter and frost are especially highlighted to warn users. Large and small roads, or even trails, slopes around the mountainside where you cannot find on other types of maps, are displayed in Trekarta.

Terrain exploration is thus richer, longer and safer.

Record the journey

One of the special features of Trekarta is detailed journey marking. Trekarta is truly designed to do this. Just press a button when you start and press it again when you finish. You can exit the application if you do not need to look at the map, the route will automatically be recorded in the background.

Trekarta functionality can be extended with plugins. Currently the following plugins are available:

  • Share location
  • Dropbox sync

Download Trekarta MOD APK for Android

Having a passion for exploring the terrain and many exciting outdoor activities is good, but safety and good route planning are still paramount. Trekarta can be used as a guide, support and companion during the trip. The application is neither complicated nor difficult to use with main features: directions, displays extremely detailed maps and records the track.

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