Vector 2 Mod Apk

Vector 2 Mod Apk v1.2.1 (All Levels Unlocked) Free 2023

Vector 2 Mod Apk .The 2D arcade graphics make the unique storyline simple to look yet engaging to play. You get a lot of new features in the present version, 1.1.2, within 96 MB only.

Vector 2 Mod Apk is an exciting game where you are captured as a specimen for a science experiment, and you have to escape the laboratories no matter what.

The 2D arcade graphics make the unique storyline simple to look yet engaging to play. You get a lot of new features in the present version, 1.2.1, within 119 MB only.

The game is easy to master in no time, and the simple controls make it completely fun. Moreover, you get a reward in the form of a kit at the end of each level.

Furthermore, every new level is a new side of the laboratory, and your purpose is to reach the very end of it until you get out of here. If you have not played it so far, download t for free from this page and get started.

NameVector 2
Size119 MB
Android Requirement4.2 or up
Last UpdateJan 6 ,2023

Download Vector 2 Latest Version 2022

The game is relatively easy to get for both Android and Windows devices, and the method is as follows.

For Android devices, the method is straightforward as follows.

  • Swipe up a bit ‘til you see a green button saying Download Here.
  • Hit that button to start downloading.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the Unknown sources in your Phone setting before downloading.
  • Install the game, and you are done.

It is also easy to get for Windows as well.

  • Look for the game on Chrome.
  • Go to one of the sites from the first page.
  • Hit the download button on any site, and it will start downloading.
  • Install in your PC and have fun.

It is also available on the Play Store, which you can get as follows.

  • Type the name of the game in the search bar.
  • Tap on the green install button to get the game.
  • Install and enjoy yourself.

How to Play Vector 2

The game starts with a secret laboratory in a faraway land. The organization working in the laboratory has planned on tempering with human DNA for some research experiments.

In this regard, they need some humans they can test on. They have captured many humans, but some of them have managed to escape. Now, their objective is to reach the end of the map.

Your job is to help the human escape the lab, and for this, you can use gestures to run, climb, duck, or other things.

You also have to dodge the enemy attacks along the way to escape them. You also get kits with special equipment that can help you in many ways in running.

The graphics of the game are straightforward and are arcade. The control is relatively direct to use for jump, sliding, climbing the walls and rolling, dodge the enemy, and much more.

You don’t get to change the settings according to your need. This way, the game interface gives a simple look, but the storyline and gameplay make it thoroughly engaging. Also download Granny Smith Apk.


  • The game has an exciting storyline.
  • Simple graphics with 2D objects.
  • Each level has another side of the laboratory.
  • Easy to master controls.
  • The free version has ads, but you can get the premium version to avoid interruption.
  • Get kits at the end of each level.
  • Use Magnetic Manipulator within the range of three meters.
  • Adrenaline surge to get bonus.
  • Ultimate Chip Detector, you find Chip Data easily.
  • Free to play and download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the game healthy for kids?

Yes, it is healthy for kids to play, but it also depends on the parents what they want their kids to play and watch

How to use the kit?

It is pretty straightforward to use the kit as all the objects automatically go to their places without trying.

Can you get the game from Play Store?

Yes, the game is available in the store, and you can download it in no time.

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