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VideoShow MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) v9.7.5 rc

VideoShow was released on December 12, 2014 by VideoShow EnjoyMobi Video Editor & Video Maker. Since its launched, this application has attracted a lot of users because of its amazing features. Up to now, almost 7 years, VideoShow has had more than 100 million downloads on Google Play, a record number for video editing app for Android phones.

The professional video editing app for Android

VideoShow offers a multitude of video editing features for users. You can cut/split/copy/rotate/blur/reverse/collage clips in video editor easily and quickly. You can also zoom in/out the video during editing to focus more on the frames you desire.

Besides, the application also has a very useful function, which is to adjust the video playback speed. To use this function, simply select the speed, then adjust the slider left or right to adjust the speed. On the screen display the different speed levels such as 1/4x, 1/2x, 2x or 4x.

Create slideshow video easily

Not only editing videos, VideoShow also has a feature that helps users create videos from many different photos. You just need to select the photos you want to use in the video, the application will automatically create a complete video slideshow for you.

You can also choose transition effects, change the order of photos, adjust lighting, insert text, … This is a very useful feature to help you store memories or make impressions when confessing to your crush.

Various effects, color filters, and background themes

VideoShow has more than 50 background themes, 30 color filters and many different effects. This application is constantly updating the latest topics in the world today such as Cyberpunk, 2020 Playback, Superhero. Along with that are countless different themes such as Christmas, Fashion Week, Twilight.

The effect part of the application is also very diverse when including a lot of materials, from Dreamy, Nature, Neon to Manga, Texture or Frame. By providing users with such many features, you can completely create a unique and creative video for yourself.

Subtitle effects and stickers

No need for professional editing software like Adobe Premiere, VideoShow will help you to have extremely beautiful and quality subtitle text on photos or videos. Depending on the genre of the video you’re editing, you can choose from different topics like vlog, hand writting, love, comics. These subtitle effects have been fine-tuned to suit the themes you choose.

In addition, the application also has a large number of extremely cute and cute stickers that will make your video more lively and fun.

Insert music into your video

VideoShow has lots of different soundtracks with diverse genres. If there is no music you love in the app, you can add the songs in your phone to the video. Besides, you can also edit the play time and end time of that song in the video easily and quickly.

What’s even better is that the application also allows you to voice your voice in the video and edit the effects on it to make the video more unique and creative.

What’s more in VideoShow VIP?

If you want to edit your videos in a more professional way, please unlock VideoShow VIP. When using this plan, you get more perks than the free one. Specifically, you can output videos in 1080p quality, along with tools to blur images, create GIFs, video overlays and a few other features. In particular, in VideoShow VIP, you will not be bothered by ads that appear while editing video.

MOD APK version of VideoShow

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VIP Unlocked

Download VideoShow MOD APK for Android

VideoShow is an amazing video editing app for Android phones. Its powerful features make it easy to create interesting videos, then share them on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram. Your post will soon get millions of likes with the help of VideoShow MOD APK.

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